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Research Project FAKE-ID

FAKE-ID: Law Enforcement and Courts

Deepfakes can be used for a variety of crimes, such as identity deception or fraud. The police must therefore deal with this issue, as they must regularly examine and evaluate digital images and video recordings for criminal prosecution. Detecting deepfakes and securing them as potential evidence brings with it new challenges: The increasing amount of digital evidence and its diverse possibilities for manipulation place new demands on the technical processes for obtaining, securing and storing as well as processing and evaluating digital evidence. For law enforcement authorities there is great importance in how they can reliably and comprehensibly detect deepfakes, maintain a high evidentiary value of the material and (legally) introduce the results of their investigations, including the detected digital material, into the proceedings.

The FAKE-ID project wants to support this work with an AI-based deepfake detector, which can be used to assess the authenticity of presented image and video data.

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