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10th Research Forum of the HWR

Posterflash of the FAKE-ID Project presented by Julia Aigner

We are happy to share our encounters at the 10th Research Forum of the HWR, where we presented our project “FAKE ID”. The forum, hosted by the Central Office for Research Funding at the HWR Berlin, offered the opportunity to present a wide range of research activities and encouraged interdisciplinary reflection and collaboration between researchers.

Our team was happy to take part in the poster flash session, during which we condensed our project into a three-minute presentation. The Research Forum offered us a valuable platform to showcase our work, participate in meaningful discussions, and gain valuable insights and feedback from fellow researchers and interested individuals. During the FAKE-ID project presentation, various other FÖPS projects were also showcased. One of these projects, namely VIKING, was presented during the Poster Flash session. Additionally, the Police Accountability project was introduced through a lecture.

Posterflash of the VIKING Project presented by Steven Kleemann

The research landscape was broad and covered a wide range of subjects, including the influence of digitalization on society and current issues in security research.

The event concluded with a networking session, providing us with the chance to engage with fellow researchers and individuals who were interested in the topic. We had valuable conversations regarding our project and also gained knowledge about a range of innovative research endeavors.

Attending the 10th HWR Berlin Research Forum not only offered us an opportunity to showcase our research but also allowed us to gain insights from other innovative initiatives. We are eagerly anticipating the forum’s return next year.

Presentation of the Police Accountability Project