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Team Fake-ID on the 5th Hamburg Security Law Day

On 25 October 2022, the 5th Security Law Day of the Hamburg Police Academy took place at Hamburg Police Headquarters. Our FAKE-ID project was represented with three contributions. The conference was organised by the Research Centre for European and German Security Law (FEDS).

Under the title “Smart Big Data Policing”, researchers and police representatives discussed the opportunities, risks and regulatory challenges of big data and its processing in the police context – all against the background of current legislation and legal developments.

The more than 130 participants of the hybrid event were welcomed by the Police Vice President of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Mirko Streiber, and Prof. Dr. Kristin Pfeffer, Head of FEDS.

N.N., Milan Tahraoui, Anna Louban and N.N. (from left)

The first panel dealt in an interdisciplinary way with image and video material faked or manipulated by means of artificial intelligence – so-called deepfakes. Anna Louban and Milan Tahraoui offered an insight into the research project “FAKE-ID – Video analysis using artificial intelligence to detect false and manipulated identities”. They elaborated on the current and future institutional and legal challenges of using AI by law enforcement agencies. Artificial intelligence is to be used, among other things, for the purpose of deepfake detection. The subsequent demonstration of such deepfake detection by Prof. Dr. Martin Steinebach from the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT) in Darmstadt expanded the discussion to include the technical facets of the new phenomenon of deepfakes.

Diana Kohler (LKA Hamburg) spoke on behalf of the police in this panel. She presented the current state of work on the development of the new job description “crime analysis”, which reflects the increasingly complex work of law enforcement agencies. With the new option to professionalise this area, these challenges are to be adequately addressed in the future.

Steven Kleemann and Prof. Hartmut Aden (from left)

In the second panel, Prof. Dr. Hartmut Aden (project manager FAKE-ID) and Steven Kleemann first discussed the responsibility for the use of artificial intelligence in the security sector. In particular, the specific problems of the EU Commission’s AI regulation draft were analytically prepared for the participants of the Security Law Day.


In her presentation, Prof. Dr. Sabrina Schönrock (Project Manager FAKE-ID) explored the question of whether and, if so, in what way the introduction of a ‘smart police law’ would be constitutional. Step by step, she accompanied the conference participants through the different levels of German law and explained the potential regulatory challenges of smart policing.

Finally, Prof. Dr. Kristin Pfeffer dealt intensively with police and judicial cooperation in the European Union in the wake of harmonisation and centralisation. In the discussion that followed, she emphasised the need for continuous monitoring of legal developments in security and policing by academics and the public.

by Anna Louban